July 22, 2024


Welfare of All

I am pleased to introduce you with our organization AGHAHI Foundation, which is really a dream of each and every poor and needy person of our country. We at the plate form of AGHAHI Foundation, are committed to serve people living under the line of poverty.

The AGHAHI Foundation is dedicated for the rehabilitation, education and welfare of disabled persons. The vision of our organization is every person to be a rightful citizen of Pakistan.

The mission statement of AGHAHI Foundation, is to give benefit of a normal life including health, education, and employment opportunities to each and every poor and deserving person residing in any corner of the country.

We had established this platform for last 5 years since then we are trying our best to help any needy person in our jurisdiction. We are continuously establishing human development institutions for empowering men and women to earn their own bread and butter, rather to rely on other peoples mercy.

It is a fact that any NGO can not deliver without the patronage of its supporter and donors. So ultimately there is a dire need of funds. We seek some donation from your kind honour to bring our dreams to be a reality.

Any funds and donations given to us are strictly used as per legal procedure and financial statements are prepared on monthly basis which may be furnished to all of our donors through email and hard copies. So there is no any question of misuse and mismanagement in this regard.

We look forward for your donations, Zakat, Khairaat and Contributions to the AGHAHI Foundation,

With Warm Regards,

Ms. Abida Yasmeen.